Month: October 2017

Week 5 Game Preview: Packers Consternate Cowboys

Packers vs Cowboys Game Preview
Packers vs Cowboys Week 5

Likely to the last season Packers may consternate Cowboys again on Sunday. But Dallas perhaps also try to take revenge in the week 5 game on Sunday. As Elliot will be missing, the matchup is between Aaron Rodgers and Dakota Prescott. The Sunday night game will depend on how much pressure that Cowboys may give the Aaron Rodgers. If Dallas tackles or faces them greatly, they can get the chance to win the game. But if they fail to do the stuff, Rodgers will be the best player in that game.

Moreover, not only Rodgers Green Bay have the arms like Ty Montogomery who just come back from injury and will join in AT&T stadium. Likely to the Rodgers, Montgomery was fabulous with 28 rushing yards in the last game against the Bears. On the other hand, Cowboys don’t wanna lose at home, they also want to win the game through their strength. But it is true that the Gb Packers looks unstoppable so far with their ponderous consecutive win. So, Packers vs Cowboys game preview is obvious in this regard to decide the conqueror of the Sunday night.

Packers vs Cowboys Game Preview

The Cowboys will struggle against Packers as well as Aaron to keep the game in their hand. Gb Packers and Dallas Cowboys both meet for 35 times so far where Packers lead the series by 18-17. Moreover, Gb Packers are fantabulous so far by maintaining their winning machine except the lose against Falcons. But the Dallas Cowboys are slightly behind than the Gb Packers in this regard. And another thing is that Gb Packers winning flow is another asset for them to bring the extra confidence on Sunday. Dallas Cowboys also will be optimistic for the game because the game will be held in their home. So, Gb Packers vs Dallas Cowboys game preview goes 70% winning chances of Packers. Record 3-1

Packers at Cowboys Game Schedule

Dallas Cowboys so far lose two games in 2017 including the destructive lose against the Broncos (17-42). And now it is time to see that whether this game will boost them or send them to the backfoot. Already we mention above in Gb Packers vs Dallas Cowboys game preview portion that what’s gonna be happening on Sunday night.