Green Bay Packers Cheerleaders History of Glory

Green Bay Packers Cheerleaders
The Green Bay Packers Cheerleaders History


Green Bay Packers had a cheerleading squad in 1931. That made it one of the first football franchises to hire cheerleaders. In the course of time, various cheerleading groups served for the side. The franchise in 1998 decided to terminate professional groups, and since then it has hired collegiate squads with limited roles. Lets know glorious Green Bay Packers Cheerleaders History.

Green Bay Packerettes

Bernie Matzke organised the very first professional cheerleading squad for the GB  Packers. They decided to call the squad the Green Bay Packerettes. Matzke made the group up by hauling baton twirlers as requested by the Packers Lumberjack band runner, Wilbur Burke. Green Bay Packerettes were active through the 1950s.

Golden Girls

1961 saw a new squad for as the cheerleaders for the Packers. The national champion batton twirler Mary Jane Sorgel founded this new squad, the Golden Girls. The squad had 16 young students from Sorgel’s dance studio. These girls included some the national level button twirlers and pom girls as well. Sorgel claimed that her girls did more than just cheering. They did tumbling, skits, dance routines, and acrobatics in their one piece swimwear and high-heels. The Golden Girls have also made their place in the team’s Hall of Fame.

Green Bay Packerettes Return

Golden girls were active only a bit more than a decade. In 1973 the Green Bay Packerettes made a comeback. Matzke was once again the head of the cheerleading team. This squad went on to serve the team till 1977. The new Packerettes also performed at other events off the field.
Green Bay Sideliners

After the Golden Girls, the Green Bay Sideliners arrived in 1977. This squad performed for the time for about 11 years before the franchise abandoned the services professional cheerleaders. The team now has the college cheerleading squads at their service.

Packers Cheerleaders Auditions 2018

The UW-Green Bay Cheer Team is the team that performs as the cheerleading squad for the Green Bay Packers. It’s a mixed squad of men and women. Like every year the 2017 auditions were held in the month of April and some female members made an entry. The squad performs in several other off-field community events as well. The team welcomes all the college students with sports enthusiasm to be a part. The team also organises daily training sessions of several hours.

Off-field television appearances

As the Green Bay Packers didn’t have an official cheerleading squad since 30 years before, there hasn’t been much of the TV appearances from the members. The only appearances the group members had was in form of small stints and interviews. Apart from that, the members of the crew did perform at various community functions part from the field performances.

Green Bay Packers Cheerleaders Alumni

For the past thirty years, Green Bay Packers didn’t have an official cheerleading squad. So the Green Bay Cheerleading alumni would be from the times it had one. Recently some of the alumni of the team returned to their home ground at Lambeau. The alumni group enjoyed their day, took snaps for memories and ended the day in their typical style with pom-poms. The group says the collegiate cheerleaders are good, but they want the return of a professional squad.

Current team

As the team hasn’t had any official cheerleading squad since 1988, they use to hire some college students for their home matches. The squad includes 15 to 20 member group of both males and females. These members come from the University of Wisconsin, Green Bay and the St. Norbert College. Green Bay Packers have the most modestly dressed team of cheerleaders at the time.