Green Bay Packers Cheerleaders
Green Bay Packers Cheerleaders History

In the history of Green Bay Packers, numerous cheerleading squads have performed. In the history of professional football, the Green Bay Packers were among the pioneers of having a cheerleading squad. The introduction of cheerleaders was received with a lot of excitement. Cheerleaders bring color, live and entertainment and make the game more interesting to watch. The Packers Cheerleading Squad performed for about 57-years operating with three distinct names since its inception in 1931.

The Green Bay Packers team coach Vince Lombardi alerted Mary Jane Sorgel the first cheerleading squad leader that he wanted her to establish a professional cheering squad. This led to the establishment of the first ever professional cheerleading squad which was named the Green Bay Packerettes. The name then was changed to Golden Girls and then changed back to Packerettes and finally changed to Green Bay Sideliners.

The Packers first professional cheerleading squad was known by the name Green Bay Packerettes and were active from 1950 to 1961. During the year 1961, their name was changed to Golden Girls Cheerleaders. Their group was composed of sixteen girls all from the Sorgel`s dance studios, and they lasted up to 1972. here you may found Green Bay Packers Cheerleaders videos. The Golden Girls Cheerleading impressed Sorgel, and she acknowledged that they used to do more than just cheering. They used to dance, perform in the national baton championship of twirling and had a group of pom girls. On the pitch, they performed entertainment skits, did some dances and twirling to the crowd.

In 1973, the Golden Bay Cheerleaders were renamed to Packerettes Cheerleaders. The team performed with this name up to 1977 in which they experienced another name change. Their name was changed to Green Bay Sideliners and performed up to 1986.

In1988 when the team management decided to do away with the professional cheering squad. They came to this conclusion after a poll which was conducted and realized that some fans needed no cheerleaders while others needed their presence and participation.

The current Green Bay Packers Cheerleaders

The Green Bay Packers hasn’t had any official cheerleading since 1988. Since then, they use collegiate squads who offer cheering service but with limitation to cheer only during their home matches played in Milwaukee, Green Bay, and Wisconsin. Currently, the Packers use about 15 to 20 cheerleaders from the University of Wisconsin in Green Bay and St. Norbert College. Green Bay Packers cheerleaders are modestly dressed, and the packer`s president feels that they made a right decision and did not think they will ever go back to having professional cheerleading squads ever again.

The selection and training process of Cheerleaders

With the first ever professional cheering squad led by Mary Sorgel, selection into a cheerleading was done by a group of appointed individuals. The requirements to become a cheerleader included; commitment to work hard, learn routines and stay in good shape. All the cheerleaders were required to pay for their gear together with pom-poms and in most cases, during those times, young women and teenagers used to train in the front yard of Sorgel. The training included handsprings, aerials, and plenty of gymnastics. Also, they used to do twirls and dances, and their team was composed of sideline cheers, routines and bench cheers.