Green Bay Packers fans:

Green Bay Packers Fans
Green Bay Packers Fans 2017

According to the statistics that have been prepared by statista, we can see that since August of 2012, the numbers of the fan following have steadily grown from 3.27 million on Facebook and 0.3million on Twitter to the numbers we are currently viewing as of June 2016 with 5.22 and 1.22 million on Facebook and twitter respectively. This rise can also be attributed to their strong yet strategic social media marketing strategies. They have own Green Bay Packers Fan Zone.

They have also created apps that their fans can use to track their favorite team be it in terms of news or game statistics. The green bay packers also use their Facebook page to not only exchange ideas with their valued fans but also to help their fans stay updated their upcoming events. They also posses a pro shop where fans can buy green bay packers apparel and customized products including hoodies, sunglasses, shoes, sandals, caps, mugs, jerseys customized however the client wants.

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