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The green bay packers are a pro-American football team that is based in Green Bay Wisconsin. They compete in the NFL and are one of the oldest franchise in the league. Due to Green Bay Packers Team performance over the years, the Packers have grown in popularity and stature by fans from all over the US and the world at large. They, therefore, command a huge following on various social media avenues including Facebook and Twitter.

                      On Facebook, the green bay packers exist on many different pages including one that is their Green Bay Packers official FB page. The official page boasts of a following of 5,246,388 strong. This is not a number that is easy to ignore. And that is only on that one single page. There are other green bay packers associated fan pages on Facebook all of which have a substantial following. One of the fan pages with the biggest following is that of GreenBay Packer Nation. This fan page has 437,000 likes which also by itself is no small feat. The page constantly posts articles about the Packers and what is happening in the team as well as any news related to the team. They are also equally active on Green Bay Packers Twitter.

                  The green bay packer page with the third most following on Facebook is that of green bay packer memes. This group boasts of a 61 thousand following. The group admin constantly posts informative content and most times funny memes relating to the team. Although these numbers are impressive, the Packers come in at number 4 after the Dallas Cowboys, New England Patriots, and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

GO PACK GO!!! I bleed Green and Gold!

GO PACK GO!!! I bleed Green and Gold!

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Top Popular Green Bay Packers FACEBOOK FANS Group 2016

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