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Green Bay Packers Twitter Fans

Green Bay Packers Twitter Fans
Green Bay Packers Official Twitter Fans 2018

The green bay packers also have a strong Twitter following that is just as impressive. Green Bay Packers Twitter have a following of 1.3m strong. This is also an incredible number. Considering that the team in the NFL with the biggest following is the New England Patriots with 2.4m followers. In this case, out of the 32 NFL teams, they came in at 4th position. Apart from their own personal Twitter page, many of the players on their team have a strong Twitter presence and are very influential.

Packers Players on Twitter

These are the likes of Randall Cobb David Bakhtiari, T.J Lang, and Eddie Lacy among others. They use the Twitter platform to communicate with their very supportive fans and motivate each other. This is especially true due to the times they happen to have matches. Lets have a glimpse of popular tweets from Packers’ legends.


There are also other Twitter pages affiliated to the Packers that have a substantial following. One of these pages is the Packers news. This has been a long-standing Twitter page from May of 2012.

Official Twitter Account

It has a backing of 20,900 followers and 49,400 tweets suggesting the engaging nature of the page. The page also has about 11 thousand photos of the Packers while playing, practicing and others of players in their normal routines. They are also highly responsive when it comes to tweets giving you the most relevant information they can. They also gradually increased their connection on other social media pages.

Top Green Bay Packers Twitter Fans List

Green Bay Packers Twitter page

Green Bay Packers Twitter link
Green Bay Packers | @packers
Packers NewsVerified | @PGPackersNews
Packers Everywhere | @packeverywhere
Packers Buzztap | @packersbuzztap
Packers Fans | @PackersViews
GB Packers Update | @GBPackersUpdate
  Green Bay Packers| @Packers__News

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