The Green Bay Packers History

Green Bay Packers History
Green Bay Packers History

The Green Bay Packers, are arguably one of the biggest names in the National Football League. The Green Bay Packers team was founded on august 11, 1919 by George Whitney Calhoun and Curly Lambeau. Lambeau was responsible for sourcing funds which he did from his former employer the Indian Packing Company where he was given $500 for uniforms and gear. All this, the team did under shaky editorial rooms on the second floor of the old Green Bay Press-Gazette building that is located in the downtown area of green bay.

Due to the fact that no one ever thought the semi pro team would go as far as they have, no records were kept to show who was there or even how many people were present at the time. After the Indian packing Co. said it would sponsor them, then did they first appear in the papers and were simply referred to as the ’Packers.’’ During the second meeting of the team, Curly Lambeau was elected as captain and George Whitney Calhoun was named as the manager. This meeting had nearly 25 players who were in attendance.

Despite having a rough financial start, the GB packers Team won three consecutive championships. The lineup at the time had many players that later became hall of famers. These included the tackle Cal Hubbard, the halfback John (“blood”) McNally and guard mike Michalski. Later on, Don Huston was added to the team’s ranks and redefined the position of wide receiver. This helped the packers to win the 1936, 1939, and 1944 championships.

How did the packers get their name?

Many teams in the league’s history have based their names on different animals e.g. Dolphins, Eagles, Panthers or, historical events e.g. Ravens, 49ers or the Patriots among others. However, many wonder where this 92 year old franchise got its name. And like many questions of origins in sports, it all had to do with money. As previously stated above, Lambeau sourced for funds from his former employers the Indian Packing Company. Not only that, the company also allowed the team to use their athletics field to train. It isn’t a wonder therefore, that they would be called the Packers. The association with the Indian Packing company however was not long lived. The affiliation ended before the team had its first NFL season. Because the packing company was absorbed by the Acme Packing Company, the team wore “Acme Packers” on their jerseys. Soon, also the Acme Packing Company went under, but because they were from a small town in Wisconsin called Green Bay, the name Green Bay Packers stuck.

Who is the owner of the Green Bay Packers?

The Green Bay Packers have a board of directors that serve as the owners of record for the team. The team has been a publicly owned nonprofit since 1923. Currently, the organization has 360,584 stockholders collectively owning 5,011,557 shares. The packers are unique in the NFL because, ordinarily, the organization requires that clubs either be owned whole by a small number of owners or one person. They were exempted because they were publicly owned since before that rule was made. An executive committee of 7 members governs the corporation.

The green bay packers have played football since 1919 but have played for the NFL since 1921. During their first season before joining the NFL, the packers won 10 games and lost one against other teams mostly consisting of towns that were nearby in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and northeastern Wisconsin. In the following year, they also played against neighboring towns in an independent schedule and came out victorious finishing 9-1-1.

Logo & jersey

The green bay packers uniform has had a revolution of its own over the years. The team started off with a plain gold jersey that had nine thin navy blue strips on the sleeves, gold leggings and dark gold pants that had the name Acme Packers at the front. Later on in that time span, they would introduce uniform numbers and later elaborate jerseys that were jockey like.

Later on they would have totally plain jerseys with large numbers on back and later on the chest area. During World War II, the team had three alternating jerseys that complimented each other. After that over the years, th team has been changing the uniform but still maintaining the fundamental colors of green, white and gold. Here you will get the current Green Bay Packers Jersey.


The green bay packers have had 14 head coaches since its inception in 1919. The very first coach was Curly Lambeau who served from 1921-1949 who coached 334 games, won 209, lost 104 and tied 21. He had a winning percentage of .668%. The also led the team in winning multiple NFL championships in 1929, 1930, 1931, 1936, 1939, and 1944. This is quite the feat for any coach. He was later inducted in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1963.

When we fast forward, we can see that 3 different coaches have won the NFL championships with the packers including Vince Lombardi in 1961, 1962, 1965, 1966, and 1967, Mike Holmgren in 1996 and Mike McCarthy in 2010

The packer’s current Green Bay Packers Coach at the moment is Michael John McCarthy. He helped the team win Super Bowl XLV against the Pittsburgh Steelers who were his hometown team. As for assistant coaches, the team has two. One associate head coach in charge of offence who is Tom Clements and the other associate coach in charge of line backers called Winston Moss.

Super Bowls and champions

The green bay packers have won the most championships than any other team in the NFL history. They won their first three championships by league standing, and ten more, since the NFL’s playoff system was started. In regards to the Green Bay Packers Super bowl, the team has won four times. The first two were over Kansas City and Oakland in 1966 and 1967 respectively and later two more against New England and Pittsburgh in 1996 and 2010 respectively. Also on their resume, they are only NFL team to win tree titles consecutively and doing it twice for that matter. This is in 1929-30-31 and 1965-66-67.

The current team consists of 88 active players who are powerful skillful and aggressive in all manner of speaking. They are talents mostly picked from colleges around the country. Green Bay Packers Live stream games online.

The green bay packers currently have 23 points putting them on 15th rank, 334.6 yards giving them 23rd rank, 218.9 pass yards giving them 26th rank and 115.6 rush yards putting them finally on 12th place.