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Top 10 Best Green Bay Packers Players All Time

Best Green Bay Packers Players All Time
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If you say in baseball there are the Yankees, and in the NBA the Celtics, then in the NFL there are the Green Bay Packers. The Packers maintained their excellent performance the NFL’s history, bringing to the game great names and epic players. They have won 13 championships starting from 1921 when they won their first championship. They also gained many titles and awards such as the Super Bowl Crowns. Stay tuned to know the best 10 players in Best Green Bay Packers Players All Time, and its history which started more than 95 years ago. Here you get the Green Bay Packers Top 10 New Best Players.

Top 10 legends of Green Bay Packers

1 Bart Starr – Quarterback

Bart was nominated to the Pro Bowl 4 times. He gained the title of MVP in 1966 by the Associated Press. This legend has made the Packers gain the pre-Super Bowl- era NFL Championship during 1961, 1962 and also 1965, then after that to the victory of Super Bowls 1 and 2.

2 Brett Favre – Quarterback

He was among the best quarterbacks ever played. Fave played in Green Bay for 16 years, during that time he won 160 games as a QB and broke the record of John Elway which had 148. He won 3 MVP awards in a row in 1995 to 1997 and gained the title the All-Pro 6 times.

3 Don Hutson – Wide receiver

You can safely say that he is the best wide receiver in the history of the NFL. His style was to pass little and run much. He retired in 1945 but still the 6th on ”All-time touchdown receptions” list as he scored 99.

4 Forrest Gregg – Offensive tackle

Pro Football Hall of Fame has selected Gregg as one of the NFL’s all-time team in 1994. He was the Lombardi Packer who was one of the top players at his position. He won 5 titles. Deacon Jones says that he was the best.

5 Ray Nitschke – Middle linebacker

The centerpiece of Lombardi defense. When you think about an epic middle linebacker, Ray will come to mind. He was a tough competitor. He won 5 titles playing for his team. His name is in the Hall of Fame now and his number in the Green Bay is retired.

6 Jim Taylor – Running back

He was a hard-nosed, hard-edged runner who rushed 1000 yards just in 5 seasons from 1960 until 1964. He was named the MVP in 1965 NFL Championship Game. And was picked to be in the All-decade team of the 1960s.

7 Aaron Rodgers – Quarterback

Since he took the job from Brett Favre, He has been doing great in the 6 years passed. Even with all the epic names and legends of Green Bay Packers Players all time, we can’t take him off the list. He won the Super Bowl already and he always gives more and aims high.

8 Herb Adderley – Cornerback

From 1961 to 1969, Adderley played in the cornerback position and had the ability to make big plays. He was All-Pro 5 times and a five-times Pro Bowl. He played in 4 among the 6 Super Bowls.

9 Paul Hornung – Halfback

He was among the best versatile players in the history of pro football. He played from 1956 to 62 then from 1964 to 66. Hornung won the scoring title of NFL for 3 years in a row.

10 Reggie White – Defensive End

Arguably the best dominant defensive end through the entire NFL history and one of the best Green Bay Packers Players all time. His nickname was ”Minister of Defense”

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