Reg Week 3: Packers vs Bengals Game Fight Prediction

Reg Week 3: Packers vs Bengals Game Fight Prediction
Packers vs Bengals Week 3

Introducing one of the strongest teams in NFL GB Packers who meets with CIN Bengals in week 3. The Monday afternoon game perhaps will be a one-sided match. Among these two teams, Packers are ahead for a mile than Bengals. Simultaneously, Packers have an asset like Aaron Rodgers who will be a threat for the Bengals. Moreover, Rodgers is eagerly waiting to complete his bucket list of beating every team in the NFL. Because Rodgers cannot defeat the only team CIN Bengals. And that’s why he will try his level best to change this in week 3. The another thing is that CIN Bengals will have to play without Vontaze Burfict against GB Packers. This also sends them to the backfoot in week 3. But we will provide Packers vs Bengals prediction in order to know that who will wear the crown in week 3 game.

Reg Week 3: Packers vs Bengals Game Fight Prediction

Facing Packers, one of the league’s best offenses is not so easy stuff. So, the week 3 will not so easy for the Bengals. In terms of Packers vs Bengals prediction, we notice their game strength. The team CIN Bengals digest their first loose of the year with GB Packers. Moreover, Bengals have not the adequate capability to face Jordy Nelson, Aaron Rodgers, Randall Cobb. Although Green Bay’s running back and tight end situation has changed, their offense might be a threat for Cincinnati. Furthermore, Ty Mongomery and Martellus Benett take place of running back and tight end yet. And that’s may create another grim situation for Cincinnati in week 3. Besides, in 2016 NFL stats denotes that how much incursive the GB Packers are. So, Packers vs Bengals Prediction goes 90% winning chances of Packers.

Green Bay vs Cincinnati Week 3 Game Schedule (Time & Venue)

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