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Game on! Sure, it might look little bit extreme to dream of Watching the next football Game involving the Green Bay Packers Rivals. But if you are a football enthusiast like me you will agree that its enduring appeal leaves you totally satisfied. The rivalry between the teams is what makes these games worthy watching and let me take you to some of the historical rivalries involving Green Bay Packers.

Green Bay Packers vs Chicago Bears Game rivalry 

The two clubs have so far played a total of 194 games including 2 postseason games. The Bears have won 94 times and Packers 94 times as well. Tied games stand at 6 times. In the NFL, have seen the Green Bay clinching the championship for 13 times and Chicago 9.

The rivalry in the NFL between these two teams dates back to 1921 with the last game been won by the Packers. This left the series been tied at 94-94-6.

The history of Packers is jammed with fascinating facts which leaves you spellbound. This two teams have a remarkable rivalries in the history of NFL. Let’s wind the clock back. In 1924, Frank Hanny nicknamed the Duke for Chicago and Walter Voss also known as Tillie for Packers had a heated argument which led to a fight. Funnily, there was a game in 1932 in which neither team managed to score even a single point and led to a tie.

In 1985. the Packers left two full bags of manure in the Bears locker room. I can’t imagine if the Packers wanted to influence the game but it never worked for them because they ended up as they went on and lost 16-10. What makes this rivalry interesting is that the fans from both sides get along. You find friends and families who support opposite teams and that’s what makes this game fascinating. Thus the Chicago Bears vs Green Bay Packers Has been one of the bitterest  Rivals.

Green Bay Packers vs Minnesota Vikings Game rivalry 

This rivalry in the NFL dates back to 1961 and is one of the intense rivalries. Packers vs Minnesota is relatively a new kid on the block having entered the league in 1962. The two teams have played a total 113 times and that includes 2 postseason games. The packers have won 60 games with Minnesota Vikings winning 51 games. The tied games stand at 2.

In the early 1960s the Packers were far superior compared to the Vikings but that changed in 1968 when there was a reversal in the whole scenario. The Vikings started dominating in the series. From there on, there has been a power sharing between these teams. In 2004 the Vikings went on to win against the Packers in the only play-off by 31-17 at Lambeau Field. closely contested games that leaves you with a feeling of anticipation.

Green Bay Packers vs Detroit Lions Game rivalry 

I can’t leave out the rivalry between the Lions and the Packers. This one started in 1930. The rivalry is the longest one in the NFL history and they first met in 1932 and have twice in a season since then. They have played 175 times that includes 2 postseason games. The Green Bay Packers are leading by 100 times with the Detroit Lions winning 68 games. Tied games remain at 7 times.

These two teams have a history of having played 2 times every season more than any other team in the NFL. The Lions won for the first time in 24 years in 1991 at Wisconsin. In 1993, the Favre inspired the Packers to win the first ever play-off against the Lions. Though the Lions dominated the game they ended up losing. It gave them a bad spell because they haven’t won the division since then and worst still they haven’t been in a play-off game.

Though I don’t like to say about negative history, but I have to on this one, the Lions became the first team to go down 0-16.

Green Bay Packers Rivalry Game Schedule 2018-19

Regular-season Week 1

Sunday, September 9 at 8:20p ET
Chicago Bears vs Green Bay Packers
Lambeau Field

Regular-season Week 15

Sunday, December 16 at 1:00p ET
Green Bay Packers vs Chicago Bears
Soldier Field

Regular-season Week 2

Sunday, September 16 at 1:00p ET
Minnesota Vikings vs Green Bay Packers
Lambeau Field

Regular-season Week 12

Sunday, November 25 at 8:20p ET
Green Bay Packers vs Minnesota Vikings
U.S. Bank Stadium

Regular-season Week 5

Sunday, October 7 at 1:00p ET
Green Bay Packers vs Detroit Lions
Ford Field

Regular-season Week 17:

Sunday, December 30 at 1:00p ET
Detroit Lions vs Green Bay Packers
Lambeau Field

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