Chicago Bears vs Green Bay Packers Rivalry

Chicago Bears vs Green Bay Packers Rivalry
Chicago Bears vs Green Bay Packers Rivalry 2018


Chicago Bears vs Green Bay Packers Rivalry : A Skirmish One

The long standing Chicago Bears vs Green Bay Packers  in the NF L dates back to 1921 when the two clubs played each other for the first time in Chicago.The two clubs are in the same division and therefore face each other at least twice in every season. They have met for 194 times which is inclusive of 2 postseason games. But none of them leads the all time series that Tied at 94–94–6.

Bears vs Packers Rivalry History

The Chicago Bears vs Green Bay Packers Rivalry was born in their first game when the Bears beat Packers 20-0 and to add salt to the injury, Bears’ defender Taylor punched Packers Howard breaking his nose. After the first season, the Packers membership was revoked when it was discovered that they had used college players in their games illegally. Bears’ coach and owner George Hallas brought the claims about college students being used. This fueled the rivalry between the two clubs. The clubs did not play each other in 1922 and it was not until 1923 when they would meet again.

The Rivalry Analysis

In the 194 times the clubs have met, the Chicago Bears have won 94 games and the Green Bay Packers have won 94 games as well. They have tied in the other 6 games. The largest victory for the Bears against the Packers was in 1980 when they won 61-7. The Packers largest victory on the hand was a 49-0 win in 1962. The smallest victory for the rival clubs against each other is a 2-0 win by either club.

The founding owners and coaches of these two clubs, George Hallas and Lambeau, stand at the center of this great rivalry in American sports. The two were strong willed and driven to win resulting in fierce clashes between the teams which kept the Bears vs Packers Rivalry alive. They were so promising to winning. So It is fair to say that they were primarily responsible for this rivalry. This has remained a driving force to coaches who succeeded them. They are always bent on beating each other that despite the outcome of the league the team that beat the other between these two rivals still have something to celebrate. Fans of these clubs turn out in large numbers. They  urge the players of their clubs to make sure they come out victors when they play each other.

Bears vs Packers Rivalry Game Schedule 2018-19

Regular-season Week 1

Sunday, September 9 at 8:20p ET
Chicago Bears vs Green Bay Packers
Lambeau Field

Regular-season Week 15

Sunday, December 16 at 1:00p ET
Green Bay Packers vs Chicago Bears
Soldier Field

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Significant Moments

This Bears vs Packers Rivalry has been there for such a long time but there are moments which are just unforgettable. The first was in 1924 when the first ejection of players happened when the two clubs were playing. The ejections happened when punches were thrown before the end of the first half. Hanny was ejected again two years later in yet another game with the Packers. Another memorable moment was in 1930 when the Packers beat the Bears for the fifth consecutive time making it the longest win streak in the rivalry. And there is the 1995 game where Favre, the most valuable player for Packers that year, played with a sprained ankle and he became the player behind Packers win that day.

The Chicago Bears vs Green Bay Packers Rivalry is the longest and most storied in National Football League. I honestly believe this league would be less fun had these clubs never existed. Their rivalry creates a lively element that no other rival clubs can seem to have.

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