Detroit Lions vs Green Bay Packers Rivalry

Detroit Lions at Green Bay Packers Rivalry
Detroit Lions at Green Bay Packers Rivalry 2018

Ever Running Detroit Lions vs Green Bay Packers Rivalry in NFL

The Detroit Lions vs Green Bay Packers Rivalry is an continuously running rivalry in NFL. The teams have been facing each other since 1932. They have met for 175 times which sets the NFL record for the most number of meetings between two teams. The rivalry began in 1933 when the Lion’s fans developed hatred for the Packers. The Lions vs Packers Rivalry has heated since then with the Packers dominating over the Lions much loner . The two rivals, Green Bay Packers vs Detroit Lions meet at least four times per NFL season.

Lions vs Packers Rivalry Game Schedule 2018-19

Regular-season Week 5

Sunday, October 7 at 1:00p ET
Green Bay Packers vs Detroit Lions
Ford Field

Regular-season Week 17:

Sunday, December 30 at 1:00p ET
Detroit Lions vs Green Bay Packers
Lambeau Field

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Reason For Lions vs Packers Game Rivalry

The rivalry began in 1934 in a thanks giving match that would mark the brainchild of the Detroit Lions’ first owner, Richards. The game would also determine the champions of the western division. The Lions had managed a notable winning streak and had lost just once before the match and therefor fans showed up in huge numbers to celebrate the new kids in town. The Lions had a huge stone to move as the Packers were the defending champions and had an unbeaten run. Richards had convinced the NBC radio network to carry the game coast-to-coast and an additional huge crowd of about 26,000 jammed into the stadium occupying all the space. Thousands of fans were disappointingly turned away and the rivalry was born since then.

Lions vs Packers Rivalry Game Analysis

The Packers bugged their 100th win over the Detroit Lions in the series history with a 31-24 franchise win. The Packers not only earned an honor in the rivalry but also in NFL history being the first team to win 100 times against an opponent. The Lions have managed 68 wins in all meetings and tied in 7 games. History makes it clear how the Green Bay Packers have owned the Lions. The Lions have to work a lot to set a more competitive playoff in the NFC north against the Packers in future. The largest victory ever recorded in this rivalry was a 50-7 win for the Green Bay Packers in 1940. However, the Lions managed to stay strong in a 3-0 loss in 1934 that marked the lowest scoring game in the rivalry’s history.

Lions vs Packers Rivalry Game Highlights

The last three Detroit Lions vs Green Bay Packers game mark the lions are ahead of the packers though  Green Bay Packers leads the all time series. The packers are seen to lose last 2 of the three games at home but to win the other one at the lions’ domain , Ford Field, Detroit. so its quiet difficult to predict the Monday night game at   Lambeau Field to be held on November 6, 2018. Below is the latest  three Lions vs Packers Rivalry game highlights and stats followed by an upcoming game schedule.

Teams & Stadium
Stats/ Result
Season/ Date
Detroit Lions vs Green Bay Packers
 Lambeau Field,
27 – 34
NFL regular season 2016
 September 25
Green Bay Packers vs  Lions
Ford Field, Detroit
27 – 23
NFL regular season 2016
December 3


Detroit Lionsvs Green Bay Packers
Lambeau Field
NFL regular season 2015
16 November 2015
Detroit Lions vs Green Bay Packers
Lambeau Field, Green Bay
 Upcoming NFL regular season
Monday, November 6, 8:30 PM

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Exciting Moments of The Rivalry

Fans, players and coaches have reacted with mixed emotions in this contest. The atmosphere has always been different in an encounter between this two rivals. However, the reactions have not been always been negative as at times the two teams express deep admiration and appreciation for each other. All fans who hold the rivalry have always made a hilarious speculation that the rivalry emerged from the determination to win evidenced by coaches Vinc Lambeau and Halas. The two respective coaches got everybody involved ahead and during the clash.
To conclude with, the Detroit Lions vs Green Bay Packers Rivalry holds a true uniqueness in the NFL and it has always remained a thrilling match to Watch.

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