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Green Bay Packers, the third oldest franchise in the archives of NFL are a part of NFC North Division. This is the only professional sports franchise with a non-profit community as its owner. Since its introduction in 1919, the team has claimed 13 league championships with 9 NFL titles. This is the peak record in the league. Packers also won the first two Super Bowls in 1967 and 1968 and another two later. Let’s Check out Green Bay Packers NFC Championship.

Green Bay Packers played their first NFC Championship game in 1995. They lost the game to Dallas Cowboys. The team then played two more championship games back to back in following years where they came out victorious.

1996: Green Bay Packers vs Carolina Panthers

Just the next year of their debut the Green Bay Packers were ones of the bests in NFL. After losing the NFC Championship title to the Cowboys in 1995, Packers were craving vengeance. They got their chance in the playoffs where they met the Cowboys again. They won the game and went on to play the title decider against the Carolina Panthers.

January 12, 1997, was the match day for NFC Championship. Panthers were leading for the early part of the game. Then, the magic day for Dorsey Levens became invincible for the Panthers. Levens thundered 66 yards off of a screen pass and reaching up to the Panthers’ 4-yard line for a great score. The game ended 30-13 and Packers booked a ticket to the Super Bowl XXXI.

1997: Green Bay Packers vs San Francisco

The 1997 NFC Championship game marked the third consecutive title match for the Green Bay Packers. This time they were up against the San Francisco 49ers. Packers had the upper hand having outplayed the Niners in the Divisional playoff game that season. The Packers were eying a second consecutive title and the Niners their payback. The battle for NFC title was on January 11, 1998. Packers committed zero turnovers and earned 68 more total yards in the game.

Green Bay Packers opened the kickoff. Favre spotted the wide receiver Freeman for a 27-yard touchdown pass and Packers took the lead to 10-0. Later on, the Niners tried to make a comeback by cutting the lead to 10-3 with some drives and Gary Anderson‘s field goal. Longwell’s 25-yard field goal and Levens’ 5-yard touchdown run took the lead to 23-3. Packers won the game 23-10 to enter the Super Bowl yet again.

2010: Green Bay Packers vs Chicago Bears

For the NFC title game of 2010, the Packers played their longest standing rivals, the Chicago Bears. The overall series of the two teams till date ties at 94-94-6. The Packers became the first #6 seed team to beat the top threes. The Packers clinched the NFC title and later won the Super Bowl XLV as well. They beat the Pittsburgh Steelers 31-25.

The clash for NFC Championship took place on January 23, 2011. Packers opened up the game and took an early 7-0 lead with Greg Jennings 1-yard touchdown. Later came a 4-yard touchdown from James Starks and the half time score read 14-0 inclining towards the Packers. In the second half, a touchdown run by Chester Taylor cut the score to 14-7. Then the touchdowns, one from both sides took the score to 21-14. This remained the final score.


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