Week 2: Packers vs Falcons Sunday Night Football Prediction

2017 Packers Falcons Sunday Night Football Prediction
Packers Falcons Reg Week 2

Reg week 2 game is very effective before the postseason and Super Bowl. Green Bay Atlanta both have completed their preseason and reg week 1. So, this Sunday night Football is the biggest event for both teams. Packers Falcons both have their own strength to win Tonight. It is pesky to the fans that what will happen in the GB Packers ATL Falcons Sunday night Football fight. So, a prediction can easily bring the fans under an umbrella and remove their boredom. As the game is nearly upon us, suspense creates inside their fanatic fans heart. In this sense, a prediction regarding the game can remove that suspense.

2017 Packers Falcons Sunday Night Football Prediction

In terms Packers Falcons Football prediction, we have to analyze their previous records. They met for 32 times since 1966-2017. In the whole 32 games, Packers lead the series by 17-15. Although Falcons 2016 NFL stats are slightly well than Packers, Packers NFL stats are not that much worse. Moreover, in their last five head to head matches, Green Bay won 3 and lose 2 games. Furthermore, Packers won all Preseason matches except week 3 in 2017 NFL season. On the contrary, Atlanta loses all the preseason weeks. But simultaneously, Green Bay and Atlanta both won reg week 1. The another thing is that Packers winning margin of NFL preseason 2017 and reg week 1 is quite better than Falcons. This stats distinguished both teams from one another and make the Packers Falcons prediction easier. Consequently, Packers Falcons Prediction goes 85% winning chances of Packers in the week 2.

Reg Week 2 Game Schedule Kick-off Time & Venue

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