Week 4: GB Packers vs Bears Thursday Night Game Predictions

Week 4: Gb Packers vs Bears Thursday Night Game Prediction
Packers vs Bears Week 4

GB Packers spur their meetings with Bears in 2016, and they defeated their rival in week 7 by 26-10 and again in another battle in week 15 in which Packers put on 30-27. But yet it’s a tricky business to predict a game before holding. The GB Packers 2017 is so far impeccable where Bears are not good enough so far. in week 4 Green Bay may want to iterate the last season game strength against Chicago. And the fans expect a big game from Ty Montgomery on Thursday night. He had 10 catches and rushed for 162 yards against Chicago. Moreover, the another guy Aaron Rodgers will be a threat for them on Thursday night week 4 game.

Although Packers have the strength to grasp the match, Bears also will try to bring back their loose glory on Thursday night. So, here we try to sketch out Gb Packers vs Bears game prediction based on the general idea of both teams that we have. In this way, we will try to let the fans know the possibility that who will dominate the Thursday night through Gb Packers vs Bears game prediction.

Week 4: GB Packers vs Bears Thursday Night Game Prediction

There is completely two different pool on Thursday night. One will compete with full of strength and another will compete with a view to bringing back their lost crown. The team GB Packers is a complete package of the extraordinary player like Ty Montgomery and Aaron Rodgers. On the other hand, the team Bears who will fall in a huge trouble on the toughest Lambeau Field. Moreover, in terms of the last season stats, GB is far ahead than the CHI. In the last season, GB won 10 of 16 games where they won 2 games against the CHI. On the contrary, the team CHI won only 3 of 16 games in the last season. Although the all-time series is tied, GB won 4 of last five games against CHI. Finally, it seems that Gb Packers vs Bears game prediction goes 95% winning chances of Packers.

Packers at Bears Thursday Night Schedule (Time & Venue)

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