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The Green Bay Packers Game YouTube Video Fans:

Green Bay Packers You Tube Fans
Green Bay Packers You Tube Fans 2017

On YouTube, however, the Packers do not have an official page. However, due to Google’s revolutionary algorithms, a page was automatically generated in December of 2013. The page gathers videos uploaded by fans to Green Bay Packers YouTube with the tags green bay packers and automatically adds them up to the current portfolio. The topic currently has 2,048 active subscribers. The page has many interesting videos with many having over 20,000 views.

This speaks to the interest the fans have towards content by the team. The packers also have many videos of them uploaded by various fans all over. These videos show some of the greatest accomplishments the packers have had over the years. The most watched video being that of the 2010 super bowl run. The NFL also uploads videos relating to the packers from time to time showing their progress in coming season and as they train in their camp

The Green Bay Packers Game YouTube Video Fans